Amongst Monoliths

by Algos

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Thanassis Kg
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Thanassis Kg Amazing album and a huge step up from the previous releases, i see a lot of potential here, definitely one of the best releases of the year. Favorite track: Hollow.
Sam v
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Sam v Amongst the Monoliths is a step up from previous, which is really something since the previous albums i have enjoyed to a great extent.

Algos is very talented at building harmony and melody by the use of guitar and a subtle piano backing, with a strong bass line on top of it. For me, he really excels at building emotion in his music especially when the drums settle down and the guitar speaks for itself.

I find that I like all the track's but 5,6,8,9,10 are my favorites. I definitely love the intro to 5, the beauty of instrumental 6, the emotion of 8 and 9 and odysseys end is a great closing piece.

The man behind Algos is a great guy, had the pleasure of doing some of the album art, please support him and check out all his works, especially if you love song 6 then the instrumental cd you will love! Favorite track: Blessed With Weakness.
Yannick Wahner
Yannick Wahner thumbnail
Yannick Wahner On the 17th of September I had the chance to listen to the full album - the final product. This is such a huge step up in comparison to his debut.

I was immediately blown away by the sheer power of the lyrics and the storytelling that go into Algos' songs. I just sat there. stunned and speechless.

Algos gets better and better with each song he makes. I am truly excited about what he'll do next.

This is a 9.5 on scale of 1-10 for me. I absolutely love it.
FlorisLD thumbnail
FlorisLD I used to compare Algos to great bands, but that's not needed anymore. Now it's just Algos. A great band, with a great follow-up on its debut.

This album overall has an amazing sound for a one-man/self released record. Awesome synths throughout and those unique Algos-y riffs and licks. The renewed From the Depths is probably my favorite Algos song musically, it blew me away when listening to it for the first time. There's also a guest vocal appearance on Poisoned Well, which is very interesting (Skirge=Shylmagoghnar).
I have to mention Pale Monolith aswell, a solid and beautiful instrumental. And then there's the rest of the album that I won't spoil for you yet.

I've done my best at trying to review now go and listen to it. Seriously. Buy it. Why are you still reading? Favorite track: From The Depths.
Claudio Hellion
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Claudio Hellion Another Algos masterpiece!!! All songs are great, creative, and insightful! It really shows how the artist is evolving. Indeed one of the very best albums ever! Favorite track: Blessed With Weakness.
Joanne Rang
Joanne Rang thumbnail
Joanne Rang Amongst Monoliths has quickly grown to be my favorite album ever made! The songwriting is top notch, it reminds me of a modern day metal Mozart! The lyrics are incredibly deep and feel mysterious, yet have a way of still feeling close to home. Favorite track: Odyssey's End.
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Second album of Melodic Death/Doom metal project, Algos. A 68 minute odyssey for fans of Be'lakor, In Mourning and Swallow The Sun


released September 26, 2016




Algos Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Algos is a one man melodic death project hailing from The Netherlands. With a unique twist to the genre, recognizable harmonic guitar tunes, haunting growls and epic orchestrations makes project a one of a kind experience. From blastbeats to funeral doom pacing, from acoustics to black metal screams. Algos covers as much ground as possible without sounding out of place at any moment. ... more

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Track Name: Metempsychosis
I've lost my way , with time controlling every move
Succumb to patterns i despise but now I've learned to love

And the days blend over in this abyss I have become
Twisted and turning,
Making the same mistakes but never dared to learn

Seduced by the serpent who cries (and sings of death) in the night
Unnerving, distracting , My darkness reflecting

The silent widows, when agony dies

Reborn from the tears of an angel
A fate i wish upon none

But why do I fear to feel this wondrous sun that enlightens me.
To tempt the scorn of this voice, and no longer fear the sting of your wrath

This blood is on your hands,

A call without reason, my will shall not bend

Thin lines growing strong, as it is set in stone
Words of madness I utter, insanity bestowed

In memories of what I've become, in dreams of where i'm from.
Beyond what I knew, I felt empty alone.

And as I step through the gateway unknown.
I held hands with death since forever ago.
And never feared once the gaze in his stare
A lifelong of suffering yet failed to prepare

Mesmerize me with your lingering scent.
Been too long awake, too weak to defend

Her eyes filled with sickness, becoming a threat
Days filled with fear are the days to regret
Upholding a masquerade of death
Track Name: From The Depths
It came from the depths..
Frozen in time
From years of sorrow
and fears of life

It swallows the earth and tears down the skies.
Embrace its darkness, for now it will.


Stare into the depths, Stare into death
Awoken at last, In the absence of light, In the absence of life.
One last gasp for air, for i will not drown

I am beyond this disguise
The endless black fills the blood stained sky
For i have seen forever, in my mind.
Take my final bow, say my one last goodbye

It's all mine. I'll tear down your will
I'll destroy it all.
The earth shakes and the air turns cold
It latches on and pulls you into the depths
Track Name: The Withered King
I've seen the eye of the storm,
The freezing winds will tear, my will for words that I've sworn

I've lead the hunters pack to battlegrounds still undefeated.
Hoping to not turn back, with morals low and hopes depleted.

I've lost my wings to guide me
To where my arrows fall,
My memories a token, of where she lay down broken

A toast for the fallen on loneliest nights.
By those who have not felt the blade.
Come forth , dearest reaper and come take my life.
Your presence here caused no dismay

And kings fell to glory, but others will rise
The end of a story, Like others before me

Once soared like an eagle, a god of the skies
No longer felt burdened by mere mortal ties

The rain and the lightning now covered my eyes.
Robbed from my freedom , by gods that arise
A slave to my anger, shackled by its chains
The longing for vengeance still burns in my veins

The night will stain red, in a spectacle of blood
Tonight, i will open the skies and dismember your gods

Don't let me return to the hell where i'm from.
Speak your litanies no more

I'll drown the heavens in rivers of tears
For your betrayal

I've lived by the sword i won't die for your words

May my arrows find a way to your heart and lift this curse, once and for all

I hold no fear for this life, through many tired days, I've seen the end of this fight
No glory left for me, I've sinned too many times, to be expected to rise

Your soul is as black as the words that you form,
A dark shapeless mess, forcing me no more

And light nor dark can now break me down
A withered king, broken. No justice nor crowns
Track Name: Corruption Defined
It was born in anguish, crawled out of the demon's abyss
Feasts at night, feeds on life , Reincarnating your nightmares

I will follow your darkness, and hollow you deep from within
The taste of your flesh is divine, Fear me , i'm corruption defined

Spewed out from the mouth of hell,
Gnawing teeth stills the tongue, clinging onto your soul
And with every cry for help, the faster it's growing.
Inside the unknowing.

Inhale my pest, give in to the sleep
Weakened knees can't carry the burden
Find resort in numbing the pain
Swallowing your pills, takes its pleasure away

Consummated by darkness, and hollowed from inside out
The scent of your fear is divine, fear me, I'm corruption defined

Drink away all of your pain, untie the rope till weaker days.
With bloodied fists you fall asleep,
The light is gone, the mirror's broken. With shards of glass you split skin open.
In absence of all clarity.
Seek comfort from a dying breed, Majestic death , i hear you calling.
In moments of insanity
The trials I've spend to endure, to speak is to fall to temptation
Your soul it reeks of desperation

Fistful of lies to fill your void, It grabs you by the throat and speaks

You will fail, i pull the strings of your life.
I'll make you want to bleed

Sadistic, twisted, never listened. Only the eyes can tell
Through window panes, see bloody stains.

Only one reason to hang on, a million reasons to let go

Feeling the claws of longing for death, a certainty i'll always have
To see is to believe they say, I've walked too long with all this weight
Light the path for those so ill , may others rise from what i failed to kill

Been through the darkest side of life, where souls depleted from all life
roam just to find a glimpse of what i only dare to dream at night

Led astray by darkness, and died a thousand deaths
Temptations are leading my life, Fear me, i am corruption defined
I never wished to fail you , fear me
Track Name: I Am Sin
A journey through mists, and the fog of your war
Ashamed of the lack of your scars.
Afraid to fight, give in to the fear
of fighting for what you fail to witness

Strengthen my will for your patience to test.
Inheriting darkness,
I am sin, i am death, i'm the reason you fell.

Is it my touch you abhor?

Now watch me run, where you can't walk
Oh how i long to see you crawl.
Constructing my monolith of sin.
A shrine to those that wish to falter

For I am that place in your mind, where all your monuments hide

All future realities, stricken by abnormalities.
Will you hide from the hand that feeds?
A victim for all to see,

Can you not hear the calling from the past
A voice resigned , and fate controlled
The echoing chimes, like mountains so vast
Confronted by impurity , the end to behold

Tread lightly while i heal,
Enigmas for the wounded one, a riddle for those i shun
Solutions cast , through one way mirrors.

Just one moment in time, rip the thorns from my throat
Let the light realign, Crown of lies feels sublime

And am i to blame for the victim i see,
Awaken the blind and welcome apathy
The sights i can't see cannot hold me back
With tears in my eyes i will try and forget

I can't help but see fear in your soul
Ensnared by what i unfold
How i wish to look through your eyes, see the sin i've become

Tell me your stories from the other side,

From where i hear whispers

Are there paths unknown to this world, that lead to the great salvation foretold
A lingering gateway of origins unknown, but no turning back.

Thin crystallized voices, beckon me from the grave. In absolute agony is where they will stay
A shift in the void where no time can exist,
An Odyssey of death.
A story of sin,
A journey through mist
Track Name: Hollow
I wake, to fleeting moments, escaped
There is no hiding, in broad daylight
And letting nights go to waste

Counting the seconds awake, feel like another mistake
Another page i turn, as her diary grows thicker
The door is open
There's only darkness, Where i felt home

You left your note , unintelligble
But i can see your pain

I'll run away where you can't find
With fear you forced, this is goodbye

Lamentations so hollow.

And piece by piece, i'll read your words

I've burned your life so many times
In the embers i see spite

A chapter gone, fuel the fire i seek
But i can't feel the flame

I've run away for all this time.
With fear you forced, this is goodbye

Aspirations now hollow

Day by day i fear to fall

Let the fire take my life
Ashes of what died inside

Tore out the ending of your tale, like tearing out the roots.
Ink splattered on the floor,

My final words forever carved inside thick layers.
Rewrite to understand,

Just why this story ends
The ending is unchanging.

Tried digging my own grave with hands bound
I'll swallow all my fears so you dont have to drown

There is no calm before the storm,

I long for tomorrow
When dreams have died, where you will find me
I cannot hide from sorrow,
Or run from what I've done

In void of this Impurity
Mere seconds from the end

I've killed your voice, it's the ending i know
But silence calms no tears

Sang your song for all this time
With fear you forced, this is goodbye

Many faces, now, hollow

Tear by tear, forgot your face

Masking what i fear to be
These hollow depths inside of me
Track Name: Poisoned Well

A refuge from mental starvation
A moment of clarity vile
The rays of the sun
mock us cruelly
While its light has us down
on our knees
This comfort an illgotten garment
It wears down on us;
scorches skin;
A pariahs brand

The only haven we ever knew
calling us home
To a wellspring of warm suffering
And its smothering embrace

J :
And its easy to tell, how to escape this hell
But in godless rays, it is easy to stay

Abysmal distractions,
We know how to feed, this consuming hunger that taints how we see.
The poison we choose to inhale
Our lust leaves us empty and pale.


Lost and found in
a maelstrom of nightmare
Merely tracing
my footsteps of old
That haunt me
on every new journey
For my past
has yet to unfold
And the poisons
I thought to have banished
Made me into
the fiend I abhor
The source of stagnation,
we sought to forget
Grew more vivid
than ever before


Wounds we tear open, for lives that are over
Yet sting through our skin.

A toxic confession, My poison obsession
This immoral question.

In lives where the choice is beyond our control.
Pass judgment on me, how am i meant to see.

Prolonging my suffering
As we drink from the fountain


The fever is what
Keeps me going
And a parts of me
worships its warmth
As I bask
in the torment of hardship
I endure and in weakness
grow strong


Is life not the sickness we wish to prevail
And death not the embrace we seek
Are my dreams corrupted or merely my will
The void is too barren, a future yet bleak


Drowning in chaos
As I'm gasping for air
Every breath
that I manage to take
Spells despair
I can't see
where I'm going
though I know
whence I came
My mold has been cast
Before I was born
my form had been
chiseled in stone
Illusions of choice -


At the apex of madness my visions grow weak
In a world of these stagnating tales of defeat
We grow tired of longing and failing to be
What we once were we'll never know and never will be

Dont waste your tears for us, we have failed long ago
Our graves will stand for those that do not fear the Poisoned Well
Track Name: Odyssey's End
Will one final step lead to the promise of dreams, or will i be lost in the echoing screams

With visions of mountains, so barren and old
A singular tree, of the stories foretold
The seasons have died, the path is in stone.
Leaving this behind as a king with no throne

But what if instead of this glorious path
In darkness i'll wander, till i reach my death

It feels like i no longer have a choice
Are we destined for failure,

The monoliths of those we lost
And foolish hope is all we got

And will the voice i leave for you
Be enough to guide you to me