The Death Of Seasons

by Algos

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Sam v
Sam v thumbnail
Sam v Fell in love with the melodic, heart felt guitar playing. The backing by the keys and the variation in vocals really brought the atmosphere to life.. Playing style reminds of Michael amott's touch with such strong melodies. Favorite track: Realm Of Madness.
Claudio Hellion
Claudio Hellion thumbnail
Claudio Hellion Incredible album! Melodic and powerful. The music is at the same time beautiful and brutal, just as life can be. A masterpiece! Favorite track: To Wake In Dreams.
Yannick Wahner
Yannick Wahner thumbnail
Yannick Wahner This song, Wanderer, is an amazing piece of story, coupled with amazing riffs and just an overall beautiful sound. I encourage you to check out this album. It is truly amazing. Favorite track: Wanderer.
FlorisLD thumbnail
FlorisLD Wow, what an amazing debut album for a one-man-band! I've only heard it a few times, but I fucking love it.
I started to really dig this album when I would read the lyrics while playing it, I love the lyrics, they're real and raw.
Especially in Realms of Madness, Wanderer ... <3. And of course Sails.
Musically; I'm loving it more with each listen, you really nailed the melodic parts. They kept reminding me of Kalmah, which isnt a bad thing. The piano sections are very neat.

Solid album. Favorite track: Sails.
Timothy McConaghy
Timothy McConaghy thumbnail
Timothy McConaghy Excellent melodic death/doom from The Netherlands. Every track delivers something worthy to the table, so much so that it's difficult to choose a favourite, but I think it might be Wanderer. Excited to see what the future holds for Algos! Favorite track: Wanderer.
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The first full length album by one man band, Algos,. 12 track Melodic death/doom album from The Netherlands.


released April 30, 2015

Artwork by Anna Armona ( , additional work by Jack Bailey
Extra mastering done by Nimblkorg from Shylmagoghnar
To Wake in Dreams co written by The World Within



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Algos Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Algos is a one man melodic death project hailing from The Netherlands. With a unique twist to the genre, recognizable harmonic guitar tunes, haunting growls and epic orchestrations makes project a one of a kind experience. From blastbeats to funeral doom pacing, from acoustics to black metal screams. Algos covers as much ground as possible without sounding out of place at any moment. ... more

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Track Name: Realm Of Madness
I'm hearing voices, cry out my name.
Am i verging on insanity.
We are eternal. We are your friends.
We are the darkness, inside your head.

These walls are closing, i'm losing sight.
The start of terror, the end of light.
Voices get louder, as shadows fall.
Enter this madness, embrace it all

I cannot fight i don't know how to anymore
Let them inside, cursed whispers i can't ignore.
Grant us control, we are ever so powerful.
A future so bleak, i feel nothing forever more

Have i lost my mind or just regained my senses
There's so much i've lost, I let down my defenses
All of these questions just shut up and listen
You weak mortal FUCK, force you into submission

Stuck in this loop and i've run out of options.
Nowhere to run, No time left to decide
Wish i was someone new, some face that no one knew
Time heals no wounds, nothing ends this corruption.

What is the problem, friend. Some fear just never ends.
We are the only ones listening to you.
All of them tell you lies, sickening helpless cries
Carved into skin, these secrets within

Walk into my realm, there's fear you've never felt
A melody that scars, and haunts forever more
There's such sights to behold. Of misery untold.
All thoughts that enter here, increase a thousand fold

What do you mean? I cannot start over.
What did you think, you cannot leave this place
How much is left of you?
When memories are fading too

Gone in madness, bound by voices
Aeons of madness, lead to insanity.
Its where i'll forever be
Track Name: Wanderer
He hears the whispering words of trees
"What is lost here will wander the darkness inside,
A requiem, your only solace. An escape from that cursed, blinding light."

He left the saveness of home, hopeful of finding her, not wait to die alone.
So long ago she was taken from him, An empty void to fill, a life now so grim.
And countless hours lost to find that which he once held dear.
An empty shell was left with nothing left to fear.

For years he wandered, but always wondered

What will become of me? Still struck with disbelief
And why can no one see, She'll kill what's left of me.

A flash of lightning, awakens him from sleep.
Another hopeless vision, of promises he'd keep
She's but a memory of clouded days gone by.
A spectre of the past, a flicker in his eye

With the falling of leaves, he heard the song of the winds.
Quiet words falling on deaf ears, a hymn to the gods he does not wish to hear.

Let them come i will slay them all.
Just to be with the love that was stolen.
Sacrifice all i once thought important.
Dreams have shifted, a feeling so foreign
He held no more desire for others
He fell prey to her eyes.
Like the rivers so blue
To drown and be cursed, to be born anew

He can hear the trees that speak softly:

"She is lost, forever you'll wander

Who is this person you seek?
Is she not who you used to be?"

Now filled with the rage of a thousand men.
He sets ablaze the forest, burning a truth that he cannot stand.
You're filled with lies he speaks, I know what's been taken, My whole life was forsaken.

What have you done? The forest screams in agony
My words you dont believe, young wanderer consumned by your grief.
I know she is out there i have see she was taken, who are you to stop me
She's not even real, that void that you feel is nothing more than blistering solitude

He would never accept that he's broken,
Escaping the words of the woods.
He lacks a reflection in the waters so pure
And as he travels on roads so far from home.
There is no reason to return.
He lost his sanity along the way, to never return

Danger lurks on roads less travelled, when you travel alone
He got caught in the webs of temptation, stuck in a neverending loop of frustration.
A head full of wonders that he could explore, when he found that what he's searching for
He finally accepted the day that he died, that he was searching for something inside.
Something inside that filled him with hate, left him to wander and pursue his fate
The passage of time turned the man into stone, his prayers not answered when he died alone.
Track Name: Eternal Winter
Hide your face,
Show no tears.
Just one moment is all that it takes
For this winter, to be real
To be everything that you'll ever feel

Feel how cold i've become.
Stare into the frost.
A sign of coming storms like
a tribute to all that was lost

Stuck in this shroud of dark
Pray for our dying sun
Wasted the light for yourself
Eternal winter is all that we've got

Snow falls down
Light fades out
Years of winter, When will i feel warmth
This is torment, icy pain.
Lost all hope, let this snow melt away

Feel how cold i've become.
Stare into the frost.
A sign of coming storms like
a tribute to all that was lost

Stuck in this shroud of dark
Pray for our dying sun
Wasted the light for yourself
Eternal winter is all that we've got

Let me die, let winter be over
Frost and ice, is all that is left of me
But it's nothing that you can see

I feel this ice in my veins
let this be over soon
There is no end this pain
As long as winter is all that we feel
Track Name: The Flood
So it begins, the final flood of an age.
Taken by force and swept away
Resist no more to what is done.
Exit a life now gone

The tides will come, as oceans rise
A final storm, will be the end of our lives

Prophecies called for chaos
This is what we've been told.
Now brought to its fulfillment
Now watch it all unfold.
Remnants of a culture fading, no longer relevant.
Forces of nature claim the earth, A catastrophic end

Waves crash with sounds of thunder.
Where is your deity now
An era torn asunder.
Laid waste to all that's holy

Sky splits open, Dying to see the sun
The weight of oceans forces me away from everyone

Cannot swim up from underneath,
Held unto scorn, till my defeat

As it is written, so it is done
The flood froze the earth, before this final dawn
Eternal Winter, the rivers freeze
But no one else can believe this is what i see

The tides wont come, but watch me drown
The weight of this flood, is what will push me down
Track Name: Sails
Set sail.
Away from all that you know.
Break all the bonds
Sail into mists unknown
Waves break, as all the tensions flow
A life lost, but you cant let it go

A vessel made of torment
A promise not to drown
I feel no heartbeat pulsing
Don't let my ship go down

I long to be forgotten
Just let my memory fade
My spirit will keep sailing
Where weaker minds were failing

There is no greater blessing,
Than being free from chains
Lost in the open waters
Soaked by the pouring rain

Carried by coldest winds
We raise the sails up high
My final journey beckons
Heart crossed and hope to die
as life sails by.

Hope dies, Live on forsaken
This was a huge mistake
Forever in seclusion,
Too weak, too far, too late

Never to be awake
Track Name: To Wake In Dreams
Now, Wake up, I cannot keep
longing for eternal sleep

Corrupted faceless memories,
A stigmatic entity
Hear these echoing melodies
Cannot believe in what i see

I cannot hear your voice

This is where i want to be
Where the longing finally ends
Cryptic signs i dont understand.
Finding light in an unholy place
Life gives way to insanity.
Please don't wake me from apathy

Buried frames get back to life
Deep inside of my domain
But the morning will deprive
Me of my utopic reign

Hide from the rain, and open your eyes
A recurring sight from the grave
A vestige of the life i crave
I Long,To wake in a dream
Solid statues are all that remain.
As the sunrise will strengthen the pain

But still i long for haunting dreams.
To show me where compassion lies
And may it shatter reality
This darkened void is Where Hope Dies.

I'll show you visions of hell that i see
Masking evil with skies unholy

Misguided faith in humanity
My corrupt mentality
Just let me sleep, i prefer my illussions
I'll wake in dreams, as my final solution
Track Name: Hymn To Anubis
The gift of death, the end of life
It's all we fear, afraid to die.
We stand here broken and afraid of the black.
While some men crave to have a noose round their neck

Afraid of life cause we have noting left to give

All Hail Death
A Praise to Anubis

Come and relieve my pain, a bittersweet release of anger that is led astray
Can't feel the life in me, a hopeless requiem that begs the god to take me away

Lacerate the eyes to avoid the judging stare,
Endless crypts of the mind,
Cause in the end we're all so eager to lie
Twist and turn the earth.
Buried deep, in indifference
Hail from the throne of your ignorance

Foundations build in a mysterious way, a hymn that's sung by men who wish to see the end of days.
Is there now shame in seeking comfort in the thoughts of death?
Got lost in searching for the things i wish i never had.
Rot in exposure to the rays of the sun,
If you feel light it means they already won

God of death, i wont plead for forgiveness.
Twisted recollections of what is within us
I'll swim through your rivers to cleanse of this sickness

Oh almighty one, bless me with your touch.
Move mountains and split the sea, I'll do what you want from me.
Just grant me relief from my crippling disease.

Sing your praise to the god who stands victorious
A hymn to anubis, my death i call for
A slave to your fucking damnation no more
Track Name: Sleeping Giants
These fragile moments, My weakness you implore
Scorched soil can give no life, Nor do i want to anymore
Witnessed the great rebirth, illuminate the mind.
I've seen the crack of dawn, it left all hope behind

He sings, a broken requiem.
That no one seems to hear.
A passage of the dead.
The voices of the

Closed mouths that hold no silence
Mourning comes to those awaiting

This is a tomb now, where sleeping giants wait
And you can hear the echos of dying screams, ready to awake

Knee deep in agony, a curse of their mortality

Behind the walls of sleep, is just a realm of misery

Set sails for better days, the flood laid everything to waste

And as a giant dies, i kiss his ashes goodbye

These fragile moments, the seeds of life cant grow
Devoid of life to give, to long for death is all we know
We've seen the shadows fade, we lost our place in the light
And as the tomb stays shut, we leave our hope behind

He sang, a song for his demise
To his Finality
Here where the giants sleep
A thousand oceans deep
Track Name: Fragmented
No grasp on the things that will pull the noose tighter
A Dying flame's radiance made sorrow's weight lighter
I'm longing for numbness, serenity (is) gone
The dying of seasons, a passing forlorn

These fragments of light tell a story of loss
A passionate soul, damned to sing from his cross
Nailed for his beliefs and condemned to this hell
But still screaming loudly where all others fell

Thawing an endless ocean with a fire so bright
Waves will consume you, drown all that you once knew
Why would it let you in, to purify and rid of sins
Can't you just let me win, regrow my thickened skin
Rebuild this wall, and hide in the depths

A calling, from demons below
Filling a canvas with visions of death,
Portraits of where i will draw my last breath

Not looking for answers, just hoping to find them

Troubled by fading screams, is this now part of me
Corruption was lost it seemed, so why is this how i feel

That once living gap between darkness and light
Is finally thinned out by showing us what could be.

And skies of frost turns the rain into ice
It punctures the skin, revealing your vice
Mistreat what i gave you, make wrongs of my rights

Thawing an endless ocean with a fire so bright
The waves have consumned me, i'm drowning in misery
Why did i let you in, hearing your voice deep within
I cannot let you win, crumbling walls, paper thin
Destroying my walls and now fading from memory

My flame dies out